Hello! Bill Shotton has been pleasing listeners for many years with his original blend of imaginative songwriting and unpretentious performances. With mid-western roots, he has branched out to national and international audiences. His artistic integrity comes from not taking the quick and easy path of copying the trends and styles of others but from slowly honing his own musical style and lyric expression.

New Single 

I'm excited to let everyone know about my new single which is out this month through Leesta Vall Recordings. You can purchase a limited edition lathe-cut record for your turn table and with it you get free digital downloads. Side-A is Tonight, the Shit Show, a rollicking take on modern American culture and reality-show politics. Side-B is Mueller Hill, a sad song about a rodeo performer.


learning to promote myself 

So, I suppose it's been a long time coming. My nature is to avoid bragging, and I've equated self-promotion with a puffed up ego(which is often accurate). However, I think I have learned of late that self-promotion is a necessary part of success in any walk of life. The eye-opening aspect of this process is that when you get in the game of promoting yourself it forces you to define who you are more clearly. It's like preparing for a job interview. What are you going to say when they ask you to tell them who you are? 

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